2013 Clow Stamping Company Health Fair

It was well before dawn when the  2013th  Clow Stamping Company Health Fair opened services to employees on November 20th.  A dozen vendors set up tables on the perimeters of the large lunchroom at the wee hour of 5:30, making themselves available to employees arriving for First Shift and those leaving Third.  Many of these […]

November 2013 Part of the Month

This 5 ½ “X 1 ¼” part is made of .074 & .120 thick HRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled Oil) and 3/16 round stock material.  The manufacturing operations are blank/Pierce, 2 blank, Deburring, 1 cut off, 3 forms, Weld, and Zinc & Clear Finish. Approximate tooling charge is $2,900.00 with 250 pieces costing approximately $3.40 ea.