Precise Welding

When a part design and production runs warrant, robots can be utilized for fast and precise welding. Spot Welding, Robotic, heli-arc welding, wire feed, cold-wire tig, brazing and silver soldering. By automating the weldments process with some of the industries most advanced equipment we are able to provide unmatched consistency and quality four even the largest runs of parts and components. Our automated robotic welding systems also provide speeds that other methods cannot, giving us some of the industries lowest lead times on even the most complex parts. Whether simple or complex our automated systems ensure you get better quality in less time.


Clow Stamping Employee works using 200 KVA spot welders - robotic


Our complete capabilities include spot welding from 30KVA to 200 KVA spot welders (with a material thickness to .500 in mild steel).  The 200 KVA spot welder can spot-weld aluminum as well as perform multiple spot-welds on cold-rolled and stainless steel.

Weldments are a necessary part of many projects and we offer a variety of manual options as well. Wire feed and heli-arc welding are accomplished manually as is brazing and silver soldering, this allows us to maintain quality for the most complex of weldments, when necessary.

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