Light & Heavy Equipment

Light and Heavy Machinery Equipment & Metal Components Manufacture

Clow Stamping has experience in manufacturing OEM metal components for tractors, lawn mowers, forklifts, ground compacting equipment, and many other forms of light to heavy machinery. Whether you need light and durable metal assemblies or large metal stampings we have the facilities to meet your needs.

Metal Stamping & Component Manufacture For Lawn Mowers

lawn mower parts manufacture

As an experienced lawn mower component manufacturer we can help design, and manufacture lawn mower parts and components ranging from drives, gears, bands, bushings, support arms, lawn mower wheel assemblies and much more.

Clow metal stamping has been recognized by top lawn mower manufacturers as a highly valued supplier, and lawn mower component manufacturer. We have received Kubota’s Supplier Excellence Award, and John Deere’s highest supplier rating, being named a Partner-Level Supplier.

Other Light & Heavy Machinery OEM Component Manufacture

heavy stamping part

At Clow Stamping we have the technology and scale to manufacture mass runs of metal components, weldments, and metal assemblies for forklifts, tractors, and much more. Our 250,000 square foot facility has the latest in metal stamping and fabrication equipment in the industry, this means better quality parts, and lower lead times for manufacturers. Ensuring your machinery gets to dealers faster.

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