Automotive Metal Stamping Manufacturer 

Clow stampings large facility (250,000 Square Feet) and advanced technology mean we are particularly well suited to serve the often large scale automotive OEM metal stamping needs. With automated weldment,  metal assembly, and fabrication productions systems, and an industry leading quality control system that empowers our employees to ensure unmatched quality at every step. Our automotive component manufacture is consistent and timely.

stamped car parts

Our focus is on providing consistent, and high quality metal automotive components, at the large volumes the automobile industry requires. With our entire automotive component manufacturing capabilities centralized in one facility, from automotive metal stamping, weldments, fabrication, and assemblies. We have the ability to lower your lead times substantially, especially for the most complex automotive components, and stampings.

Automotive Sheet Metal Components Manufacturing

If you require automotive sheet metal stamping, or components manufacture, we have the facilities and the experience to serve your needs. Whether you need short run prototyping, body panels, trims, interior metal components, or specialized automotive assemblies. Serving the industry since 1970 we are here to ensure your next end product is a success.

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