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OEM Metal Parts

Clow is an industry leader in OEM metal stamping manufacture, and OEM metal fabrication if you need metal stamped parts or components with minimal lead time, and consistent, quality design we have the experience and capacity to make that happen quickly, and efficiently.

Our 250,000 Square Foot metal stamping parts factory contains the latest and most advanced metal stamping factory machinery, weldments machinery, fabrication machines, and other advanced systems to unsure your OEM metal stamped parts, and components are of the highest quality possible.

oem metal parts manufacture

We have manufactured OEM metal stamped parts for large electrical, petroleum, transportation, housing, plumbing, furniture, medical, defense, aerospace, and communications industries. As well as a host of other large scale niche industries. Our OEM metal stamped parts, and components manufacturing experience provides us with the flexibility and knowledge to quickly, and effectively design and manufacture the OEM metal parts you need to launch that new product, or keep assembly operational without pause.

Please reach out today so we can discuss your industry specific needs, and how we can achieve them for you.


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