Assemblies Include

Assemblies include automatic nut feeders, PEM hardware insertion, tubular and orbital riveting, and double faced taping, bolt, nut and washer assembly.



PEM Hardware insertion

Sheet metal hardware insertion means you have less disconnected nuts, bolts and washers for the assembly process, and fewer assembly steps. Greatly simplifying the end assembly process. PEM Hardware insertion combines the highest quality fasteners with our state of the art hardware insertion machinery. Add efficiency to your assembly time, decrease lead time, and improve assembly quality with PEM Hardware insertion.

Orbital Riveting

This process offers a modern low impact alternative to high impact riveting, using a high speed lower pressure rotating peen system. What does this mean for your assembly? It means a massive decrease in metal stresses assemblies often face using a high impact riveting process, increasing the total life of your final assembly. Another benefit of orbital riveting is a cleaner and more even surface finish of the final assembly due to lower impact pressures and more consistent pressures over the entire rivet head, giving an extremely tight final assembly.

Automatic Nut Feeders

Our advanced automatic nut feeder systems allow for a massive increase in efficiency and consistency of nut placement on assemblies. The automatic nut feeder allows for a repeatable placement and a weld with zero weld splatter in the threads over hundreds or even thousands of assembly iterations.  With the increase in assembly consistency provided by our Automatic nut feeders, the consistency of your final product will rise in parallel.


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