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Commercial Refrigeration Parts & Components Manufacturer

At Clow Stamping we manufacture a wide variety of OEM parts for the commercial refrigeration industry. We have manufactured parts for Refrigerated Semi Systems, large scale supermarket refrigeration units, commercial restaurants, and many other commercial refrigeration systems.

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We have manufactured metal assemblies for large and small refrigeration systems. We have stamped and assembled OEM latches, hinges, specialty releases, closures, and much more for the industry.

Our dedication as a commercial refrigeration components, and parts manufacturer extends throughout the production process. Our designers will help you develop, and optimize your components, while our facility wide Quality Control culture ensures are commercial refrigeration parts, and components meet the strictest quality standards. Clow Stampings’ 250,000 square foot facility gives us the ability to quickly, and effectively stamp and assemble commercial metal refrigeration parts and components for even the most complex units, reducing lead times and getting the finished product live, and operational faster.

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