Clow Adds Additional Production Capacity

Clow Stamping Company has once again invested in improving its production capacity. We’ve added two 60 ton Stamtec Presses and on 160 ton Stamtec Press. The presses will be operational the week of March 4th. 60 Ton                                                                   160 Ton      

New Laser is Operational

  We have recently got our new Cincinnati Cl-940 fiber laser installed and operating in the new facility.  The new fiber technology should excel in high speed cutting of thin material.  This combined with the low maintenance cost, and savings in consumables, should make for a great addition to our other 3 lasers. We are […]

Expansion Update – Nearly Complete

The major structural work is done.  Some finishing touches continue on the inside.  Meanwhile, the Raw Material Department has already been moved into place and are busy at work.  The Laser Department will be moved in here as well.  After the new laser is delivered and up and running in early November, the 3 existing […]