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Clow Stamping

Clow Stamping

Value Added Operations

Value Added OperationsValue Added Operations

Extra Value: Services That Make Your Life Easier and Your Parts Better.

These days, it’s not enough simply to provide traditional metal fabrication – because your needs go way beyond that. That’s why we provide extra services such as welding, hardware attachment (including riveting and insertion), parts washing, and special packaging. Outside services such as heat treating, plating, silk screening and painting are available through suppliers specially selected for their quality, professionalism, economy and overall value.

Timesaver (deburring) operation to meet customer finish specifications.

Cleaning and drying operation with added rust prohibitive to meet or exceed our customers finish specifications.

The machining department is used for more than just tool creation. Lathes, CNC machining and turning, tapping, counter boring, chamfering, and spot facing are just a few of the secondary operations that Clow uses to finish a part. The versatility of our equipment gives us the opportunity to choose the right machine for the job.

Miltronics machining centers combine the simplicity of manual machining with the capability of full CNC control to achieve highly controlled accuracy for fine detail work.