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Quoting by use of Electronic Files

  1. Request for quote stating number of pieces required; address to send quotation, name, phone, fax number and e-mail address of customer contact.
  2. Electronic files, 2D drawings complete with all notes, material call out, hardware, finish, tolerances, etc. can be received electronically or by mail.
  3. Prototypes can be handled on a case by case basis by calling Estimating.  Following these communication guidelines can reduce lead times by up to fifty percent (50%).


Clow Stamping Company’s Estimating Department will often have quote exceptions when supplying price, delivery and engineering charges. Quote exceptions provide important information that may be necessary to produce a cost effective, but functional metal stamping, weldments or assembly. Examples of a quote exception may consist of calling out material that is more readily available, tolerances needed to produce the part, radius on corners to improve the life of tooling, a deburring process or finish clarification, etc. that may be different but similar to customer print or specifications.

Clow Stamping Company Customers need to verify with their management or engineers to make sure these quoted exceptions will not interfere with their product’s intended use. We are trying to avoid this determination being made upon receipt of shipment.

If quoted exceptions are not acceptable, the customer can contact the estimator listed on the quote for further clarification and/or other manufacturing process possibilities.

We look forward to quoting your future requirements and thank you for allowing Clow Stamping Company to serve your needs.

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