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IT department

Advanced IT

Clow Stamping has a fully staffed IT department capable of adapting our systems to the rapidly changing business landscape.  Clow makes considerable investment in IT Hardware and Software to keep our processes up to speed.  Since we don’t outsource IT, we can respond to your data requirements more quickly than the competition.  We are currently undergoing a major ERP Software and Hardware upgrade that will dramatically streamline several of our processes.  Clow Stamping is always looking for ways to improve so that we “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.


We have IT staff with many years of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) experience.  We have capabilities for doing 810’s, 830’s, 850’s, 856’s, 860’s, and 862’s.  We can develop EDI forms and mappings in house with no need to wait for 3rd party support to react to your EDI requirements.


We have in house barcode label development capabilities.  We can customize labels and packing slips with bar-coded information to meet your needs and help your receiving department be more efficient.


We also have a database developer on staff who can create custom applications to interface with your forecast data in a variety of formats.  Whether your forecast is in an Excel, CSV, or TXT format we can customize an application to work with your information efficiently.