Interview Questions

Clow Stamping Company – First Interview Questions

Clow Stamping Company is a family focused company providing world-class metal stampings to recognized OEMs. We are looking for employees who are Committed, Quality Minded, Service Focused and who Always Deliver. It is important that we match the right employees with the right jobs.


1. What do you consider:

• Great Attendance

• Good Attendance

• Poor Attendance
2. Tell me about a time when you did what was right, not what was easy.
3. What is your definition of integrity?


1. Can you give an example or explain what doing your best looks like?
2. Give me an example of a time you made a mistake and what you did to correct it.
3. What is your definition of quality work?


1. Customer Service is important. Are you a team player?
2. How would you interact with a grumpy coworker?
3. How do you deal with criticism?
4. How do you deal with stress?


1. What is your ideal work schedule?
2. We commit to delivery – Are you able to commit to working overtime?
3. What would your prior employer say about your attendance and punctuality?
4. Give an example of something you are proud to have accomplished in the past year. You may use a personal or work example.
Thank you for applying to Clow Stamping Company. Please press Submit when you have completed all answers.

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