Your Satisfaction is our Stamp of Quality
Product Production

Our Mission




Integrity – We have integrity with all our fellow workers, subordinates and peers, as well as our customers and suppliers.  This includes never using half truths, partial truths or misleading statements.


Teamwork – We work in teams that include co-workers, customers and suppliers.  All members of the team are kept informed.  Everyone is responsible. “Not my job” is not spoken here.  Everyone is responsible for everyone else.  We are dependant on one another to get the job done and we will not let our fellow employees down.   Asking for assistance and utilizing all of our resources is encouraged.


Safety and Respect – All employees, customers and suppliers are treated with respect.  Safety and well being is very important.  We keep a safe and clean work environment.  We speak positively about our customers, co-workers and the parts we manufacture.


Accountability – All employees are accountable for themselves and the employees they may manage.  This includes meeting deadlines and targets.  Each of us is responsible for the financial health of Clow Stamping Company, which means we will comply with a customer’s request but make sure that if there is a cost involved we consciously decide whether or not to pass it on to the customer.


Problem Solving – We strive daily to improve processes and ourselves, and we make sure we align our personal goals and the organization’s goals.  We look at processes, not the individual, if we need to address a problem.  We believe every problem can be solved.  We are flexible.  The best solution is the one that is cost effective and safe using simple changes to procedures and processes as well as technology.


Reginal C. Clow