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Management Training

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Clow Stamping recently participated in two separate training initiatives for Managers, Supervisors, and Lead People.

The first training session involved 80 Managers, Supervisors, and Lead People.  They took part in training on leadership and generational differences presented by Ted Schick.  Mr. Schick is a retired naval officer who has over 30 years of experience leading people.  He is a corporate trainer, professional speaker and consultant who owns Schick Corporate Learning.

The second training session involved 40 Supervisors and Lead People and focused on developing Problem Solving skills.  The problem solving session was presented by Enterprise Minnesota.  This problem solving project at Clow Stamping was designed to work on actual Clow Stamping current problems, emphasizing practical application of the tools and developing a skill set.  This project was modeled on the 4-Step method to include both practice learning using a simulation model, and actual practice in the workplace with real problems.

Agricultural Industry

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May 2015 Part of the Month

This 3” X 3 1/2” part is made of .180 Thick HSLA Grade 50 (High Strength Low Alloy) material. The manufacturing operations are Blank/Pierce, Deburring, Machining, 2 Weld, and Zinc Finish. Approximate tooling charge is $2,800.00 with 500 pieces costing approximately $5.05 ea.