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Expansion Update – Nearly Complete

Posted on: October 5th, 2012 by Clow Stamping Company No Comments


The major structural work is done.  Some finishing touches continue on the inside.  Meanwhile, the Raw Material Department has already been moved into place and are busy at work.  The Laser Department will be moved in here as well.  After the new laser is delivered and up and running in early November, the 3 existing lasers will be moved in one at a time, so we’ll always have at least 3 running.

Furniture Industry

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October 2012 Part of the Month


This 18 ½” X4 ¼” part is made of .060 thick CRCQ (Cold Rolled Commercial Quality) material.  The manufacturing operations are Laser Produced Blank, ream, deburr, 3 forms, zinc plate finish, 1 clinch pin, and 4 clinch studs. Approximate tooling charge is $2,700.00 with 250 pieces costing approximately $6.10 each.